Knowledge. Experience. Integrity.

The MAI, SRPA, SRA, AI-GRS and AI-RRS designations represent advanced knowledge. They stand for years of proven, real-life real estate valuation experience. And they always mean a commitment to strict professional ethics and standards.

Why become a Designated member?

Enhance your career earnings potential
Enjoy premium exposure in the Find an Appraiser directory.
Elevate your career into the upper echelon of valuation experts.
Achieve Designated membership through the Candidate for Designation program.

Why become a Candidate for Designation?

Dedicated advisors to help Candidates on their journey to designation;
Program support from your local chapter; and
Structured timelines with milestones to help keep you on track.

How AI promotes its Designated members

The Appraisal Institute continually invests enormous time, money and effort in promoting its designations – and its Designated members – to appraisers’ potential clients. AI is committed to ensuring that the valuation profession, the real estate industry and clients in a wide range of other professions are well aware that AI’s Designated members exemplify “the best of the best.”


Newly Designated Members


Kevin Lincoln, SRA
John Fisher, AI-GRS
Jessica S. Park, MAI
Kenneth R. Szager, MAI
Lynette Bartlomain, AI-GRS
Joshua M. Soroka, MAI
Jose R. Lopez, MAI, AI-GRS
Alicia M. Pollack, AI-GRS
Charles B. Baker, SRA, AI-RRS
George Paquette, SRA
Jeffrey Hogan, SRA, AI-RRS
Manisha Hunter, SRA, AI-RRS
Son H. Nguyen, SRA
Robert Brian Howlett, SRA, AI-RRS
Justin L. Biers, MAI
Jeffrey Hogan, SRA
Charles L. Wilson, MAI
Michael K. Chang, MAI
William M. Landy, MAI, AI-GRS
Faye A. Lefurgey, SRA, AI-RRS
Ted P. Douglas, MAI, AI-GRS
Ryo Takei, MAI
Toby Albers, SRA
James G. Towers, MAI, AI-GRS
James H. Pike, MAI, AI-GR
Florene K. Kemmett, MAI
Christopher Rice Myers, MAI
Paul G. Fastuca, MAI
Peter Evans, MAI, AI-GRS
Christopher M. Wade, MAI
Luis A. Carrillo, MAI
Gary S. Valentine, MAI, AI-GRS
Robert D. Green, II, SRA
Daniel J. Beverly, MAI
James G. Towers, MAI


Roy Kim, MAI
Gregory W. Kinsey, MAI
Steven T. Crooks, MAI
Joanne L. Bell, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS
Brenda H. Fusco, MAI
Brittany Nagelmeyer, MAI
Elizabeth A. Crawford, MAI
Christer H. Fiege-Kollmann, MAI
Michael Brent Comstock, MAI
Vincent J. Disanza, SRA
Bradley J. Lunetta, MAI
Mark E. Oliver, MAI, AI-GRS
Jennifer L. Heath, SRA, AI-RRS
Linas Venckus, MAI
Buckner J. Harris, MAI
Daniel D. Provencio, MAI
Lisa M. Kimbro, MAI, AI-GRS
Marcella N. Pardo, MAI, AI-GRS
Larry H. Johnson, MAI
Nancy Summers, MAI
Lynn A. Dordahl, SRA
Kathleen T. Wing, MAI
Russell B. Tiv, MAI
Loy L. Spears, MAI, SRA
Gazelle Raye Wichner, MAI
Daniel Lee, AI-GRS
Luis E. Lobos, MAI