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This required 7-hour continuing education course, copyrighted by The Appraisal Foundation, focuses on USPAP requirements for ethical behavior and competent performance by appraisers. The first part of the course addresses the changes to USPAP, which are effective January 1, 2024, and the second focuses on cases studies that challenge you how to apply USPAP to situations you encounter in your daily practice. The course will help you gain competency in USPAP, and it will help those subject to state licensing or certification and continuing education requirements imposed by professional organizations, client groups, or employers gain competency as well.
In the past, the Advisory Opinions and Frequently Asked Questions, which were required materials for the course, were bundled with the USPAP publication. Now they are contained in a separate publication, USPAP Guidance and Reference Manual. This manual provides examples showing the applicability of standards in specific situations and offers advice from the ASB for resolving appraisal issues and problems. It also contains the Reference Index which is a highly useful tool that helps appraisers quickly find answers to USPAP-related questions. This new Guidance and Reference Manual is included with your course handbook. Please note, however, that USPAP 2024, which includes Standards 1-10 and is required for the course, must be purchased separately.

Program Overview:
Table of Contents and Overview
Course Schedule


A laptop computer or tablet device is required for participants who choose an electronic copy of USPAP.

Additional Information:
Course Materials Include:

  • Course Handbook (74 pages)
  • Reference Manual (360 pages)
Unless otherwise noted, the course price does not include a copy of the current USPAP edition, which is required for course credit. When the chapter does not include, participants must bring their own copy of the USPAP edition to class.

To purchase a print or electronic copy of the publication, please visit The Appraisal Foundation.



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